Apereo Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The Apereo Foundation, Inc (hereafter “Apereo”) is a foundation established “to assist and facilitate educational organizations which “collaborate to foster, develop, and sustain open technologies and innovation to support learning, teaching, and research" (Bylaws, Sect. 2.A.).

The Apereo Foundation Privacy Policy is adapted from the Apache Software Foundation Privacy Policy (https://www.apache.org/foundation/policies/privacy.html) with a few modifications. Like Apache, Apereo is also international in scope, which creates challenges as different countries and regions adopt different standards and legal requirements around individual privacy and data security. Thus, like the Apache Foundation, we have a very permissive (non) privacy policy that mirrors our public mission.

Please assume that everything you contribute intentionally to Apereo, or to any project under the Apereo “umbrella,” is public. This includes emails on public lists, wikis, online discussions of all sorts, and software or documentation that you post to the Apereo website or to any Apereo project website or revision control repositories used by project teams.

Because we follow an academic model that expects mutual personal respect, disclosure of interests and openness of expression is public information. There may be cases where you are invited to share private information for various purposes, and you may denote that information as such. In those cases, we commit to only disclosing that information without your permission upon receipt of a valid subpoena from law enforcement and following notice from Apereo to you.

Although what you disclose to Apereo is public, we are all limited by copyright and patent law in how we may use your contributions. Therefore, Apereo only accepts voluntary contributions of software and documentation that are expressly licensed to Apereo under an approved open source license.

Where any Apereo project or community deviates from this statement, Apereo Foundation policy requires them to post their own privacy policy making clear those differences.

Website Usage Privacy Policy

Information about your use of the Apereo website at http://apereo.org is collected using server access logs and tracking cookies. The collected information consists of the following:

  • The IP address from which you access the website;
  • The type of browser and operating system you use to access our site;
  • The date and time you access our site;
  • The pages you visit; and
  • The addresses of pages from where you followed a link to our site.

Part of this information is gathered using a tracking cookie set by the Google Analytics service and handled by Google as described in their privacy policy. See your browser documentation for instructions on how to disable the cookie if you prefer not to share this data with Google.

We use the gathered information to help us make our site more useful to visitors and to better understand how and when our site is used. We do not track or collect personally identifiable information or associate gathered data with any personally identifying information from other sources.

By using this website, you consent to the collection of this data in the manner and for the purpose described above.

Websites supported by individual Apereo projects may adhere to different practices regarding the collection and storing of personal information; in which case, it is the policy of the Apereo Foundation Board of Directors that any program or project who practices differ from those describe here must publish its own privacy policy to make clear those differences.

International Scope

The Apereo Foundation is incorporated in the United States and will adhere primarily to US law when it comes to privacy regulations and requirements. Apereo welcomes the assistance of partners from any country in working to ensure that Apereo products meet the legal requirements established for users in those countries.

Likewise, the Apereo Foundation requires projects to meet the privacy and data security requirements of the countries in which those projects are being developed and will assist as we can to ensure privacy requirements are met for our users around the world.

Apereo welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. Please email Apereo staff at info@apereo.org