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An Apereo "Community of Interest" (CoI) focuses on non-technology issues and trends related to open source software in higher education. A CoI may consist of a group of individuals, organizations, and/or institutions that share a common interest and goal(s) in the use, development, and promotion of open source software within the context of education. Apereo’s Communities of Interest are characterized by their commitment to the principles of open source, collaboration, the advancement of technology and educational opportunities in the academic sphere, and alignment with the Apereo Bylaws.

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If you're passionate about the transformative power of Learning Analytics in higher education and are eager to be part of a dynamic and collaborative community, please consider adding your experience and expertise, by  joining Apereo’s Analytics CoI. This CoI is a dedicated group of professionals from across higher education who are committed to identifying, understanding, and shaping the future of Learning Analytics within the Apereo community and beyond. Here, we harness the collective strength of Apereo to champion best practices, enhance educational technology, and foster a thriving ecosystem of solutions that benefit the broader education community. Join us in this exciting journey as we explore, innovate, and collaborate to make a real impact.

Analytics Group Contact: Jenn Cummings,

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Apereo Public Policy

The Apereo Foundation started the Public Policy Group to allow those in Higher Education to discover, understand, and respond--as a community--to emerging legislation and regulations affecting EdTech and IT in HigherEd, and more specifically, policies including aspects of open source software and open educational initiatives.

This group is open to anyone interested in learning about or becoming involved in the public policy advisory process. 

Public Policy Contact: Patrick Masson, Apereo Foundation Executive Director, 

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Apereo Europe

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The Apereo Europe Community of Interest is a dynamic and inclusive gathering of passionate individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing open source software and technology in higher education. If you share our vision for increasing awareness, harnessing the power of open source software, and fostering greater engagement with the Apereo Foundation, please consider joining our Europe CoI. Here, you to embark on a journey that not only enriches your understanding of open source solutions but also empowers you to shape the future of educational technology. Join us as we explore, create, and drive positive change within academic and research institutions. Together, we will unlock the endless possibilities of open source software and forge new connections that will shape the landscape of education for generations to come. Welcome to the Apereo Europe Community of Interest, where innovation knows no bounds!

Join the Apereo Europe group by sending an email to



From critical IT services to educational content, distributed development models based on openness are challenging higher education's traditional approaches. Apereo and the Apereo community are active participants in EDUCAUSE’s Openness Community Group. Serving as a de facto CoI for Apereo, this external group focuses on emerging and adopting open technologies, practices, policies, and initiatives. It provides a forum for information gathering and idea exchange for all issues related to developing and using open resources in academic (teaching and learning), research, and administrative environments. Topics include but are not limited to free and open source software, open content, open educational resources, open courseware, open standards, open textbooks, and management practices such as open business and enterprise 2.0. This group meets at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and uses the electronic discussion list provided through EDUCAUSE Connect to discuss issues throughout the year. 

Contact Patrick Masson, 

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Teaching and Learning and User Experience Groups (T&L and UX)

The Apereo Teaching and Learning and UX group, drive innovation through collaboration in the tools and techniques prompting teaching, learning, and user experience across “edtech.” While this CoI has historical roots in the Sakai Learning Management System, its doors are wide open to all projects within the Apereo sphere. In fact, this community thrives on cross-pollination, where diverse ideas come together to inspire and elevate the educational technology landscape. Whether you're an educator, instructional designer, system administrator, an edtech enthusiast, or simply curious about how you can influence the future of open source technologies in higher education, this group is designed with you in mind. Join T&L and UX on a journey of discovery, collaboration, and empowerment as we shape the future of education technology together.

Contact and call information:

YouTube Recordings of T&L and UX calls

Interested in forming a new CoI? Read the guidelines for forming a CoI and contact Apereo Staff at and for more information.