We are glad you are here!

All Apereo projects and communities are driven by and dependent on volunteers from every discipline and experience level. 

Technical and non-technical volunteers are needed in each project, working group, community of interest and on our Board. 

Want to get started?


We are a global community, and we were using distributed team best practices before it was cool. The community keeps in touch primarily through mailing lists, Slack, the Apereo newsletter, and community calls. Join our discussions and follow us on social media!


Subscribe to the Apereo Announcements mailing list by sending an email to: announcements+subscribe@apereo.org 


Subscribe! to the quarterly Apereo Newsletter


Join the Apereo #general Slack channel and the Apereo #events channel to keep up with what is being discussed.


After you've gotten to know Apereo and Apereo community members a little, reach out to leaders and tell them you want to get involved. Everyone at Apereo is here to help you get started! Mentorship is a core value at Apereo.

Technical folks should join the developers' mailing lists and the community technical calls for the projects that interest them most.

Apereo staff members can absolutely assist you with the discernment process of where your skills might be best used. All 13 projects and the Foundation have many volunteer opportunities beyond writing code. We need people who do what you do! Examples include serving on the Finance committee, editing the newsletter, helping with social media, or doing community outreach. Your time and skills are valuable! Contact the staff via email info@apereo.org or DM us on LinkedIn or Mastodon.


Consult the Apereo Events calendar and choose to join the community calls, attend webinars, and come to a conference. Apereo thrives on our connections to the other passionate individuals within the community. Find every opportunity to meet people, and you will find every reason to stay and drive the world of open source for education into the future.