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For campuses seeking a home for original, internally developed open source software projects. Apereo, as a foundation, alleviates campus requirements and responsibilities related to the ongoing care and feeding of open source software projects and communities. Academic or research institutions and the projects they create find peer communities of practice within Apereo with both open source experience and expertise not typically available locally on campus.

Membership Benefits: Professional Services for your Open Source Project

Foundation Memberships guarantee open source projects have access to an array of benefits–a curated suite of professional services and dedicated support–facilitated by Apereo, our community, and our partner network. Through this collaborative framework, by pooling resources and expertise, institutions can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency while maintaining–indeed, expanding–a high standard of service delivery in support of open source software and communities. This model fosters a community-driven approach to problem-solving and knowledge-sharing, allowing members to benefit from collective insights and best practices. Members benefit from specific services and Apereo’s sector expertise to ensure services and service providers focus on the common good and sustainability, further enhancing the value proposition for participating members.

Recognizing many organizations need to transition their internally developed projects to externally sustained communities, Apereo provides professional services to enable core open source activities and operations.

  • Legal: IP/Asset Management, Licensing & Compliance, Contracting, Regulatory Compliance, Public Policy
  • Community: Advocacy & Awareness, Community Development, Constituent Management, Developer Relations, Peer Communities
  • Infrastructure: Cloud Hosting, Enterprise Applications, Web & Network Services, Code Repositories, Bug & Issue Tracking, Email, Groups & Lists
  • Business Services: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Banking Services, Budgeting & Finance, U.S. Mail Services, Document Management, Insurance
  • Marketing: Lead Generation, Promotion, Commercial Development
  • Events: Conference Planning, Event Management, Release Management
  • Research: Case Studies. Surveying, Quantitative, Knowledge Base
  • Fundraising: Grants & Gifts, Partnerships, Sponsorships
  • Governance: Foundation Board, Project Management
  • Mentorship: Health Metrics, Incubation, On-Boarding, Sustainability
  • Communications: Bulk Emails, Newsletters, Social Media, Internationalization
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: Auditing & Taxes, Compliance, Non-profit Status, Reporting
  • One organizational board seat vote in foundation elections
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Foundation Membership Contribution

Foundation Member's Annual Budget   Foundation Membership Contribution
$0 to $25 million USD   $2,160.00
$25 million to $100 million USD   $4,680.0
$100 million to $750 million USD   $9,720.00
$750 million to $4 billion USD   $12,600.00
More than $4 billion USD   $16,200.00
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Example Foundation Member Profile

Duluth Polytechnic Institute (DPI)

Duluth Polytechnic Institute (DPI) has spearheaded various open source software initiatives, ranging from research endeavors like visual seed recognition software for agricultural studies to the creation of a collaborative web portal named "DoYouDuluth," serving academic departments and local government agencies. These projects leverage open source technologies and aim to foster community engagement and resource sharing.

However, DPI faces challenges in sustaining and supporting these initiatives solely through internal resources. While faculty, students, and campus IT staff contribute to development and maintenance, additional needs for long-term viability, such as specialized expertise and non-technical support, exceed DPI's capacity.

To address these challenges, DPI has turned to Apereo's Foundation Membership, which offers crucial non-technical support services like community management, developer relations, and events planning. Moreover, Apereo extends DPI's internal capabilities by providing legal expertise for licensing and compliance and aiding in grant writing and funding requests, particularly for projects requiring open source development.