2021 Apereo Fellows

The Apereo Foundation is pleased to announce the Apereo Fellows for 2021 - individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Apereo projects and their communities.

David Bauer

David P. Bauer, University of Dayton
Sakai, Tsugi

David is the Assistant Director of eLearning at the University of Dayton. He has been working in educational technology as a software developer and technical lead since 2012 when he first began developing in Sakai. His work with the Tsugi project began at UD in 2016. In addition to various small features and bug fixes, David’s past contributions to Apereo projects have included many enhancements to the Lessons tool in Sakai, development of the Attendance contrib tool, and several improvements to the Tsugi project including new tools and an enhanced UI. David participates in the weekly Sakai core call and attends as many Sakai conferences and camps as he can as both a participant and presenter. He believes that the biggest value offered by Sakai is the community and encourages everyone to participate as much as they are able.

Maxilmilliano Lira Del Canto

Maxilmilliano Lira Del Canto, Universität zu Köln

Maximiliano is a software developer and consultant who works for the University of Cologne in Germany in the Regionales Rechenzentrum (RRZK). He graduated as a Telematics engineer from Santa Maria Technical University, Valparaíso, Chile. He has been a member of the Opencast community since 2015.  In 2018 he began contributing code, documentation, translations, and answers to questions about OpenCast. Maximiliano also participated as release manager for the version 7 of Opencast. Some of the key areas that he has contributed to involve the use of GPU processing in media systems and the development of tools for Opencast.

Olivier Gerbe

Olivier Gerbé, HEC Montreal

Olivier Gerbé has been working for several years in the fields of knowledge management and skills management in the industry and at HEC Montreal. He is interested in the modeling of the different types of electronic portfolios and more particularly in those of skill assessments as well as their integration into competency-based approach.

Olivier Gerbé is the architect and the main developer of Karuta, an open source software of the Apereo Foundation dedicated to the education community. Karuta is a flexible tool for the incremental prototyping and the diffusion on the web of digital portfolios or eportfolios for various purposes; showcase portfolio, learning portfolio, assessment portfolio.

Nikki Massaro

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Penn State University 

Nikki Massaro Kauffman develops open source web components to make Penn State University’s online courses accessible, media rich, and interactive. She is also serving as President of the HighEdWeb Association. Nikki believes that accessibility, higher education, the web, and open source are about reaching more people. She has degrees in computer science and in education and has been working in these fields since 1998.