Your Open Source Solution for Calendaring!

Introducing Bedework (pronounced "beadwork"), the open-source enterprise system designed to elevate your calendaring experience. Whether you're managing public events, personal schedules, or group calendars, Bedework is your pathway to seamless, interoperable, and standards-compliant calendaring.

What is Bedework and Why Adopt it:

Bedework is an open source, enterprise calendaring system that supports personal, public, and group events. 

1. Public Events:
Bedework supports public events and makes them available through a customizable web client, or data feeds in a number of formats. Feeds allow the embedding of events on departmental websites.

2. Personal and Group Calendaring:
Bedework supports the current standards and protocols for personal and group scheduling. Integrating Bedework with a learning system would allow the distribution of class schedules, deadlines etc.

3. Focus on Higher Education:
Bedework is crafted with a specific emphasis on higher education needs. However, its versatility extends its usage to a wide range of commercial enterprises, making it a flexible solution for diverse organizational requirements.

4. Java-Based and Embeddable:
Leveraging Java technology, Bedework is not just a standalone system – it's designed for embedding within other applications or portals. Tailor it to your specific use case, ensuring a cohesive and integrated calendaring experience.

5. Proven Deployment Success:
Bedework's wide deployment across diverse environments speaks to its reliability and adaptability. Join the community of satisfied users who have experienced the benefits of Bedework in action.

Download Bedework and then Join Apereo!

By adopting Bedework, you're not just embracing an open source calendaring system but joining Apereo Foundation’s community of educators and education technologists. Bedework is always open source and always free of licensing fees! - - Consider taking the next step toward championing open source software for education and becoming a member and fiscal sponsor of Apereo. Your financial support is a catalyst for innovation. By joining forces with Apereo, you fuel the development of transformative tools, shaping the future of education technology. Embrace your role as a key player in driving progress and amplifying the impact of open source solutions. - - Shape the future of calendaring with Bedework – where openness meets efficiency!  #Bedework #OpenSourceCalendaring #HigherEducation