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Welcome to CAS (Central Authentication Service) by Apereo Foundation – where cutting-edge technology meets seamless authentication. Elevate your user experience, enhance security, and be part of a thriving open source community that is shaping the future of authentication.

What is CAS and Why Adopt It:

Discover Apereo CAS, a cutting-edge multilingual single sign-on (SSO) solution and open-source identity provider. CAS is a free, open source identity provider solution in the identity and access management domain that provides authentication and authorization for the web.

Web Authentication Redefined
Apereo CAS operates as a middleware, bridging web applications and authentication sources. Seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure, it establishes a unified authentication point for users across diverse applications.

Enhanced Security Features
Empower your enterprise with advanced security measures. Apereo CAS goes beyond the basics, offering session management, single logout, and passwordless multi-factor authentication. Elevate user authentication security to new heights.

From Academia to Global Corporations
While Apereo CAS has its roots in higher-ed open source, it has evolved into a globally recognized solution. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and adaptable to small special-purpose installations, CAS transcends industries and domains. Embrace a solution designed for universal applicability.

Versatility Across Sectors
In the realm of identity and access management, Apereo CAS stands out as a universal solution. Addressing challenges that cut across industries – government, finance, healthcare, gaming, education, and more – CAS offers a rich portfolio of features. From startups to large enterprises, its capabilities cater to entities of varying sizes and sectors.

Community-Driven Progress
Apereo CAS is not just a solution; it's a vibrant community committed to progress. As a completely free and open-source platform under a permissive license, CAS invites collaboration and innovation. 

Transform your enterprise's access management – choose Apereo CAS for a universal, secure, and collaborative solution.

How to Get Involved:

1. Explore CAS: Explore documentation, download the latest release, and see how CAS can transform your authentication processes. CAS is always open and always free!

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