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Welcome to Sakai, pronounced (Sahk-AI), the forefront of open source Learning Management Systems (LMS). As a comprehensive platform, Sakai is designed by and for educators, ensuring innovation that addresses the evolving teaching and learning needs in both in-person and online environments.

What is Sakai LMS and Why Adopt It:

Sakai LMS is not just a learning management system but a groundbreaking platform redefining the education experience. Here's why institutions should embrace Sakai LMS:

1. Fully Open Source:
Sakai's greatest strength lies in its fully open source nature. Sakai LMS is a free and open source learning management system available for everyone to download, utilize, and customize. Embrace full adopter autonomy with no support contracts or licensing fees required. Sakai stands out as a fully open source solution, empowering educators with a system crafted by educators for educators. This commitment to openness and collaboration ensures continuous innovation, allowing the learning management system to evolve directly based on the input and needs of its users.

2. Driven by Educators for Educators:
With Sakai, educators aren't just users – they're contributors. Benefit from a platform that evolves in real time based on direct input from educators. Thanks to the collaborative spirit of the Sakai community, experience a learning management system that grows alongside your teaching practices.

3. Institutional Ownership: 
Choose independence over dependence. Sakai is not controlled by a corporation, vendor, or transient tech startup. It belongs to your institution, providing stability and control over your educational technology without the uncertainties of external ownership.

4. Voice in the direction of the product:
Sakai is not just software but a community. Equitable input from all adopters, no matter the institution's size or financial footprint, is encouraged and welcomed. This is the only LMS that gives adopters such direct access and opportunity for participation in strategic planning and product development.

5. Privacy:
“Sakai is the only LMS that allows you to safeguard your student’s data over the long term. Because Sakai is open source, you can deploy Sakai with a cloud provider and confidently maintain 100% control, possession, and ownership of your data.” — Dr. Charles Severance, Founding Architect

6. Comprehensive Learning Management:
Sakai provides a comprehensive suite of online learning, teaching, assessment, and collaboration tools. From content creation to collaborative discussions, Sakai covers the entire spectrum of educational activities, making it a versatile and holistic solution.

Adopt Sakai and then Join Apereo as a Pioneer of Open Source in Education:

By adopting Sakai LMS, you're not just embracing a learning management system but joining Apereo Foundation’s community of educators and education technologists.  - - Consider taking the next step and becoming a member and fiscal sponsor of Apereo. Your financial support is a catalyst for innovation. By joining forces with Apereo, you fuel the development of transformative tools, shaping the future of education technology. Embrace your role as a key player in driving progress and amplifying the impact of open source solutions. - - Transform education with Sakai – where openness meets excellence!  #SakaiLMS #OpenSourceEducation #ApereoFoundation

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