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The Open Source Solution for Personalized Student Feedback!

Welcome to OnTask, the groundbreaking open source project that transforms the academic journey by delivering students timely, personalized, and actionable feedback. OnTask goes beyond traditional feedback methods, helping students feel seen and supported throughout their course participation.

What is OnTask and Why Adopt It:

OnTask is a visionary open source tool designed to enhance students' academic experience by providing personalized and actionable feedback at every stage of their learning journey. Here's why institutions should adopt OnTask:

1. Transformative Feedback Experience:

OnTask reimagines the feedback experience, offering personalized guidance that resonates with students. Creating a learning environment that fosters engagement, understanding, and continuous improvement.

2. Student-centric Support:

OnTask creates an environment where students feel seen and supported. Personalized learning support is at the core of this tool, fostering a connection between instructors and students that goes beyond traditional feedback mechanisms.


3. Data-Driven Learning Strategies:

OnTask gathers and assesses data from various sources such as video engagement, assessments, student information systems, electronic textbooks, and discussion forums. Instructors leverage this comprehensive data to design personalized feedback with specific suggestions for improving learning strategies.


4. Progressive Adjustments:

OnTask facilitates adaptive learning strategies by providing students with frequent, task-specific suggestions. Enabling students to adjust their approaches progressively fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

5. LMS Agnostic and Data Integration:

OnTask is LMS agnostic, ensuring compatibility with various learning management systems. It seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, allowing instructors and educational designers to connect large datasets about students with concrete and frequent actions to support their learning.


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By adopting OnTask, you're not just embracing an open source student-centered feedback system but joining Apereo Foundation’s community of educators and education technologists. OnTask is always open source and always free!

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