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Welcome to Xerte, pronounced (Zer-tee), the dynamic suite of browser-based tools designed to revolutionize how educators create interactive learning materials. Xerte is more than just an online e-learning authoring and delivery tool – it's a community-driven project, providing educators with a simple, accessible, and powerful solution for creating rich and interactive content.

What is Xerte and Why Adopt It:

Xerte is your go-to suite for browser-based tools that empower educators to create interactive learning materials effortlessly. Here's why institutions should adopt Xerte:

1. Browser-Based Ease of Use:
Xerte eliminates technical barriers by providing browser-based tools accessible to anyone with a web browser. With these tools, you can create interactive learning materials quickly and easily without the need for extensive technical know-how.

2. Responsive HTML5 Delivery:
Deliver content to all devices seamlessly using standards-compliant HTML5. Xerte's responsive templates ensure that your materials look great on both small screens and large desktop computers, reaching learners wherever they are.

3. Accessible and Interactive Content:
Xerte is designed to provide a suite of tools for creating rich, accessible, and interactive content. Break free from traditional limitations and elevate your teaching with materials that engage and inspire learners.

4. Shallow Learning Curve for All Users:
Tailored for non-technical users, Xerte offers a shallow learning curve. It empowers all teachers to create compelling interactive materials, regardless of technical expertise. At the same time, it provides powerful features for designers and developers to push the boundaries of content creation.

5. Global Adoption and Impact:
Xerte is used in hundreds of institutions worldwide, with thousands of educators creating content that reaches millions of learners. Join the global community that relies on Xerte for its ease of use and powerful capabilities.

Who Should Use Xerte:

  • All teachers looking to create rich, interactive learning resources
  • Non-technical users seeking a shallow learning curve
  • Designers and developers aiming to push the boundaries of content creation

Join Apereo and Support Open Source in Education:

By adopting Xerte, you're not just embracing an e-learning tool – you're joining Apereo Foundation’s community of teachers, learners, and education technologists. Consider taking the next step and becoming a financially supporting member of Apereo, championing the cause of open source solutions for education. Your support fuels innovation and drives the development of transformative tools like Xerte.

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