The Open Academic Environment is a powerful new way for researchers, students and faculty to create knowledge, share, collaborate and connect with the world. It is a multi-tenant and highly scalable platform that is able to support multiple institutions at the same time.

The Apereo Open Academic Environment (OAE) project team is excited to announce the tenth major release of the Apereo Open Academic Environment; OAE Ibis or OAE 10.

OAE Ibis brings the ability for institutions to completely customise the content and look of their tenant landing page. OAE Ibis also implements a detailed user tracking framework and brings the long-awaited full-text indexing and searching feature. Next to that, OAE Ibis also ships a range of other search improvements and a large number of accessibility improvements.


OAE Hosting Agreement

A New Apereo Open Academic Environment Hosting Agreement

OAE Kingfisher or OAE 12

OAE Kingfisher is one of the most significant releases of the Open Academic Environment software and includes many new features geared towards making OAE a truly global system that is capable of connecting the whole of academia.

Announcing OAE Ibis (OAE 10)!

OAE Ibis brings the ability for institutions to completely customise the content and look of their tenant landing page.

Apereo OAE Griffin (OAE 8)

OAE Griffin brings a complete overhaul of the collaborative document experience, metadata widgets, full interactive REST API documentation and improved Office document previews. 

Emperor Penguin (OAE 6)

OAE Emperor Penguin brings a fully responsive UI, ensuring that OAE works seamlessly on mobile and tablet devices.

OAE Desert Sparrow or OAE 5

OAE Desert Sparrow is a mostly technical release, upgrading OAE from CQL2 to CQL3. Next to that, OAE Desert Sparrow also adds full-text search of content comments and discussion posts.

Research Professional has joined OAE

Research Professional, one of the world’s leading information services for researchers, has joined the Apereo OAE.

OAE Cardinal or OAE 4

OAE Cardinal's main new feature is push notifications, providing real-time UI updates for activity relevant to the user or activity happening in the context the user is currently looking at.

OAE 3.0 Blue Jay Release

OAE Blue Jay introduces a new and improved Document Previewer that allows rich documents such as PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel files to be displayed and embedded directly within OAE without requiring a download.

OAE Alpine Swift or OAE 2.0

Apereo OAE Alpine Swift brings a wide range of user-facing improvements.

Apereo OAE Phoenix 1.2

The Apereo Open Academic Environment (OAE) project team is pleased to announce the second minor release of the OAE Phoenix release; OAE Phoenix 1.2.